What the eyes can’t see

Art Appreciation Workshop for Visually Impaired Children

From lines to textures, shapes to spaces, 25 visually challenged students from the Institute of Blind, Chandigarh felt and touched the many contours of art as part of a unique workshop, the aim of which was making art accessible to all. With the help of Siddhant Shah, DAG runs a programme called Abhaas, an initiative that focuses on providing people with special needs a sensory experience through the use of audio and visual aids. Tactile aids that are created in conjunction with the few selected art works invite the visitors to touch and feel. Each student was given an opportunity to actually feel the specially prepared tactile art works, simulating the original in 3-D for the benefit of visually impaired. For these students, the visit to the exhibition was an extraordinary experience, with the specialists making it a memorable day for them.